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10 Pcs Yucca Brevifolia Joshua Tree Seeds

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Joshua Tree (Yucca brevifolia) is a classic icon of the Mojave Desert and can be found throughout an area that includes California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada. It grows slow and doesn't stand low temperatures. Placed in a well-protected location the plant therefore can also survive very mild winters outdoors. Origin: Home in the North American Mojave Desert. Propagation: Seeds can be started indoors any time throughout the year. A pre-preparation of the seeds is not necessary. Scatter the seeds onto moist seed starting soil and cover them with another layer of soil. Place the planting medium in a warm location. With temperatures of 20 to 22å¡C, germination follows after 2 to 3 weeks - sometimes, however, it may as well take 6 to 7 weeks. Place / Light: A warm and sunny spot is the ideal place for the characteristic growth of the Joshua Tree.

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  • A fantastic accent tree in desert climates
  • Grows up to 45 feet tall and well suited to hot, dry conditions and full sun
  • Extremely heat tolerant. They need sun, perfect drainage and little Summer water.
  • HARDINESS ZONE: 6 - 11 // BLOOM TIME: Feb - April