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300Pcs Blue Climbing Strawberry Seeds Tree Seed

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Item type: strawberry seeds
Quantity: 300pcs/bag
Germination time: 15-20 days
Germination rate: over 80%
Purity: 98%
Water content: over 8%
Germination temperature: 15-22℃
Applications: balcony, garden, yard, farm, orchards, etc
Strawberry color: blue

Package includes:
1 bag of 300pcs strawberry seeds

1, Ready to soil loose, breathable
3, Keep the soil moist.
Choose a growing location that receives at least six hours of direct sun every day. Prepare the area in early spring when the soil is warm, yet is not overly wet. Add compost to the soil and work it well with the garden spade to incorporate the compost completely into the soil.
Sprinkle 1 pound of fertilizer for every 100 square feet of growing area onto the soil. Work the fertilizer into the soil about 8 inches deep with the spade.
Select the kind of strawberries you want to grow. Spring-bearing strawberry plants produce berries for several weeks in June. Everbearing strawberry plants produce berries three times a year--in spring, summer and autumn. Day neutral strawberry plants produce berries throughout the entire growing season. Everbearing strawberries and day neutral strawberries are best suited for gardens where space is limited.
Prepare planting rows. Space spring-bearing strawberries 18 to 30 inches apart in rows that are between 3 and 4 feet apart. Space everbearing and day neutral strawberries 12 inches apart in rows that are 2 feet apart.
Dig holes for the strawberry plants so that the roots have adequate room on all

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  • Germination rate and time: over 80% ,15-20 days
  • A new variety of strawberries. It tastes very sweet and rich in vitamin C.
  • They can be grown as a pot plant on a window or balcony, or used as decoration in the garden paths.
  • Applications: balcony, garden, yard, farm, orchards, etc
  • Package includes: 1 bag of 300pcs new blue strawberry seeds