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Grow Ordinary Strawberries

WHY Grow Ordinary Strawberries When You Can Grow These? 

£ Mastodon Berries £ Inches 

The Great New 


Gigantic — Delicious — Everbearing 

Nothing Like It Ever Produced in the Strawberry Line 

Commission Merchant Likes to Sell 

T HERE is no question but what the Mastodon is the largest berry 
ever yet produced — and they are just as highly flavored and sweet 
as they are big. And the berries are very firm, reaching markets 
in fine, firm condition when other varieties become soft and unsaleable. 
Our commission merchant, Mr. M. Guggenheim of South Water Street, 
Chicago, states: 

“Gentlemen : 

"We are enjoying wonderful results in the selling of your Mastodon 
Everbearing- Strawberries. We have never had the pleasure of handling any 
variety of everbearing strawberries with so much satisfaction. You know, 
by our sales, that they are bringing good prices, because they have very good 
appearance, good eating quality, possessing a wom.erful flavor, and the 
carrying quality is unusual for one of the everbearing varieties. They seem 
to consistently come in to us firm and in perfect selling condition." M. Gug- 
genheim & Co., South Water Market, Chicago, Illinois. " 

This House sold our Mastodon Berries for $6.00 a crate (16 qts.) 

Prominent Men Praise Mastodon 

M. Glen Kirkpatrick, Associate Editor, Farm .Journal, 
Philadelphia, Pa.: 

‘‘Tried to keep the blossoms picked off but by the 

middle of September they got ahead of me and the 

first I knew I was having strawberries for breakfast 
and the plants are still bearing. The plants have pro- 
duced- quite a few runners, and considering the 

weather, the growth had been very vigorous. Con- 

sidering the weather of the past season, I -would judge 
that the variety is remarkable." 

E. C. Eindeman, Field Secretary, American Company 
Life Assoeiation, Higlibridge, N. J.: 

“My gardner did not get the plants set for two 
weeks after they arrived. They grew, however, and 
have prouuced well. I have picked enough berries at 
one time from four plants for a meal. They are still 
bearing and the plants are vigorous. I want enough 
plants next spring for one-half an acre." 

L. S. Goode, Better Homes and Gardens, Des Moines, 
Iowa : 

"The quality of the Mastodon plants you sent was 
certainly excellent. With a normal season, I am con- 
fident a remarkable yield would have been secured. 
As it was the fall crop per plants from the Mastodon 
was equal to our spring crop on a bunch of Senator 
Dunlaps, plants for plants. 

Hon. Stanley H. Kunz, Congressman, Eighth District, 
Illinois : 

"The berries are simply delicious, and very large.” 

Mr. N. R. Sammet, National Representative, Wall 
Street, Versallis, Ohio: 

"The largest berries I ever saw. They’re delicious, 

Wherein Mastodon Leads : 

j Most Productive and Profitable of All Everbear- 

Five hundred seventy-six quarts per acre in one 
day's picking, selling at 35c per quart, making 
$ 2 ( from <>nc< acre in one day. 

_ Berries Largest of Any Known Variety — 

*• Eighteen till a quart box (see picture below) ; 
5 laid end to end measure 8 inches (see picture 
at left), 3 weigh 2 ounces. One measures 5 
inches around. 

• Berries Big and Uniform at All Times During 
Season — 

The berries are just as big at the end of the 
season in late October (or later) as they are in 
July, August, or September. At no time do they 
run small. 

Berries Very Firm and Attractive — 

*** Mastodon berries are just as solid and firm as 

tney are nig, ami tiieir color is a most attractive 
strawberry red. Pronounced wonderful by 
everyone who sees them. 

- Berries Delicious, Highly Flavored, Sweet — 
Nothing lacking in the taste of Mastodon berries. 
Just read on this page what our customers think 
of the Mastodon. 

.. Bears Three Crops within 18 Months After 
P* Planting — 

Mastodon plants begin to ripen their big, won- 
derful berries within 00 days after plants are 
set and continue until cold fall freezing weather. 
Then the following spring they bear as much as 
any spring variety. The plants then take a 6 
weeks' rest and commence fruiting again and 
bear big, juicy berries all that summer and 
fall. Can you bent it? Three crops in 18 months. 
_ Plants Are Big, Vigorous and Make a Good Wide 
<*• Picking Row Where Other Varieties Fail. (See 
picture on bottom opposite page.) 



Benton Harbor, Michigan 



Chicago Tribute 

Says about Mastodon Ever- 
bearing two years 
in succession 
On Oct. 26, 1025 


“Commercial fruit growers are report- 
ing big profits from the Mastodon variety 
of strawberry, a new everbearer which is 
attracting much attention in Michigan 
and Indiana. The experience of B. W. 
Keith with this berry during the last 
season or two will give some idea of its 
importance to fruit growers. 

‘‘The Keith farm, near Sawyer, Mich., 
started with 3,000 plants and today the patch 
covers about six acres on moist, sandy loam 
soil. Up to Oct. 20, more than GOO 10-quart 
cases or 10,000 quarts of strawberries had 
been -picked from the patch this season. 
Growers claim it is the most productive and 
profitable everbearing strawberry. 

“From plants set on the Keith farm last 
April, ripe berries were picked on July 11, 
within 90 days after the plants were put in 
the ground. From the spring set plants ber- 
ries were picked every three to five days, 
yielding by the first of August about 160 
quarts per acre every five days, and at that 
time they sold at 30 cents a quart. Despite 
dry weather in early fall, 36 cases an acre 
were picked at one picking during the first 
week in September. These late picked ber- 
ries sold at $6 a 16-quart case in Chicago, 
netting $5.30 a case to the grower. Cold, 
cloudy weather brought the pickings down to 
5 cases to the acre during the first week in 

“There are still a great many berries on 
the vines, but the cool, cloudy weather pre- 
vents ripening. Mr. Keith expected to get 
another 150 cases if the weather is favorable. 
Mastodon is scheduled to put the everbearer 
on a commercial basis so that northern mar- 
kets may be supplied with plenty of straw- 
berries from spring until freezing fall wea- 

What Mr. Ridgway wrote 
this year 

On Sept. 27, 1926 


“Mastodon, the great stra.wberry found in 
Indiana a few years ago, has stood the test 
in practically every section of the United 
States this season. It is now widely dis- 
tributed and favorable reports come from 
experiment stations in various states where 
the berry has been tried. 

“In some places it is said this giant of 
the berry family produces three or four times 
as much fruit in a season as any four other 
varieties combined. 

“In a patch on B. W. and B. H. Keith’s 
farm near Sawyer, Mieh., a few weeks ago, 

I counted from 30 to 89 strawberries to the 
plant. The Keith brothers, who have done 
perhaps more than anyone else to develop 
this new berry, say it is not uncommon to 
find a plant with 100 berries on it. One 
fruiting stem in the Keith patch had 24 
berries in various stages from blossoms to 
ripe berries. Many plants this summer have 
produced from a pint to a quart of berries. 
It only takes a few of them to fill a quart 
cup or box, and they are highly flavored 
down to the center of the berry. 

“Michigan and Indiana growers are still 
picking strawberries in their Mastodon 
patches and expect to have first class berries 
until it freezes. Growers say it is not un- 
common for them to pick berries from this 
everbearer up to the last week in October. 
Last fall on Armistice Day Michigan growers 
picked Mastodon strawberries. The leaves 
on this strain protect the fruits from frosts.” 


The demand for this New Popular Berry is so great, it is unlikely the supply will hold out. 

now and save yourself from disappointment. You simply must have some. 

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#*80 Per A J 
^%0HEDa/s Ml 

W'f$0’s»' A 

Picking Mastodons in August. Note the wide, 

Picking Mastodons after snow falls. Mastodon 
bear heavily until cold, freezing weather. 

Only Cold 
Stops The 

Bears in 90 days 
after plants are 
set, and 10 
out of 

At Last! Money for 
the Fruit Grower. 
There are Profits in 
This New Berry. 

If You Do Not Read 
This Pamphlet from 
Cover to Cover, 
You Are Passing Up 
An Opportunity.