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When we start planting seeds together we discover the value that we create from the Plant, we assume it is a GIFT for you and your entire environment.

Our goal is to cooperate together in growing and nurturing each person's garden.

Discover how to use your garden and enjoy the fruits and vegetables you have grown.

Enjoy the magical nature you've created in your environment, you can create your own magical garden. Plant your seed and you'll receive value as a gift.

For millions of Plants & Garden lover, weary of long winters, nothing signals spring like the arrival of their annual AsitiGift Flowers Catalog in the mailbox.

Turning page after page and seeing the brilliant colors of vegetables and plants, perennials and annuals, awakens the imagination as loyal customers begin to plan the contents of their garden each spring.

And even though the catalog itself has been a personal favorite, the reader still does not know the ending story. This is because AsitiGift's Flowers highly recognized horticulturalists have been continuously bringing innovation to the seeds market.

Did you know that our Flowers Seeds Company was the first catalog in the world to offer yellow seed corn?

AsitiGift Flowers also introduced a new cabbage variety called Surehead and an improved carrot called Long Orange. Our most recent innovations include the seedless tomato and the "Snackpack" watermelon- a personal-size healthful treat that will bring a smile to any face.

AsitiGift Flowers seeds and plants are available for all growing zones and for all seasons and we guarantees each and every product. In order to keep pace with the changing times, AsitiGift's Flowers highly recognized catalog can now be viewed online. AsitiGift Flowers can be used as a one-stop-shop for gardening techniques, recipes, FAQs, etc.


Through good times and bad, great depression and world wars, AsitiGift Flowers has been a beacon of hope for Americans for over a century. Despite the invention of the radio, television, cell phones and ipods, nothing is more amazing and powerful than the enchantment of planting a seed in soil and watching it grow.

We, at AsitiGift Flowers, certainly did not invent it, but we have been dedicated to enabling you to share, in a very small but significant way, the astonishing magic of nature.