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50f Lightweight and Durable Expandable Garden Hose

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All You Ever Wanted In A Water Hose, And More!

Whether you're looking for a hose to water your garden, wash your car, clean your back yard, or use in your business or anywhere else, this Kevri expanding water hose will perfectly fit your needs.

By incorporating smart and innovative ideas combined with masterful craftsmanship, this garden water hose expands to 3x its original size when willed with water, then retracts to its original 1/3 size for easy storage.

What's more, it's lightweight, flexible, durable, and will never tangle or kink. Really, what more could you ask of a water hose?

Improved Design That Makes It Stand Out From Any Hose You've Ever Used

This amazing hose manages to expand to 3 times its size by featuring a simple, yet ingenious design:

On the inside, it has a thick latex two-layer core with a 2mm wall, which uses water pressure to expand when filled with water.

And on the outside, the hose is covered by a high strength polyester self-retracting exterior wall. Not only does it protect the core, it also forces it to return to its original size once empty!

Made With Premium Quality Craftsmanship & Materials

At Kevri, our years of experience have taught us that, if you want to manufacture a truly high-end product, then cutting corners is out of the question.

That's why, when it comes to our hoses, we use nothing but premium quality latex, polyester, and brass fittings, combined with cutting edge production processes and strict quality control. That's the only way we can be certain they'll meet the high standards and expectations of our customers - you!

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  • LITERALLY THE BEST HOSE OUT THERE - Are you looking for a quality water hose for your home, car washing, garden, yard, or business? Well, you can stop looking! This premium expandable water hose will grow to 3x its original size when filled with water, and will prove to be everything you want in a hose, and more!
  • MAKE YOUR LIFE A BIT EASIER - Forget what you knew about heavy hoses that won't move and are rigid and awkward. These expanding water hoses are made to be easy to use, handle, and store away - plus, they'll never twist, tangle or kink. How's that for "easier"?
  • NEW, REVOLUTIONIZED DESIGN - Unlike conventional water hoses or earlier iterations and versions of the expanding hose design, this one manages to be lightweight, flexible and reliable under any conditions. In fact, an Kevri expanding water hose has a 35% longer expected life compared to ordinary hoses.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS - When it comes to ours hoses, we make a point of using nothing but the very best materials available, as well as state-of-the-art production processes and strict quality control. Your satisfaction is paramount!
  • ORDER IT NOW, RISK FREE! - we have absolute faith in our expandable garden water hose. After all, it's what we use in our gardens ourselves! If, however, you have any issue with your hose, don't hesitate to contact us and benefit from our money back guarantee, no questions asked!