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Read More About Your Gardening Plants

Posted on January 05 2019

Read More About Your Gardening Plants

Most Garden Plants are Grown from Seed, and it may be wondered in what manner the young plant is able to grow before its leaves and roots have appeared. The solution is that the material other than air and water required for the purpose of germination is contained in the seed itself. The store of nutriment thus supplied is enough to carry the young plant to the stage when its leaves and rootlets are sufficiently developed for it to obtain food for itself. Seeds are storehouses of concentrated food, which explains their great value as foods for men and animals. Plant Your Seeds.


Vegetable Garden for All

is a self-instruction manual in family horticultural production, prepared originally by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean, in support of the Technical Cooperation Network for Food Production. The objective of this manual is to present a technology suitable for family horticultural production and consumption. It is a manual for small-scale farmers, school teachers, children, and urban and peri-urban families with access to small plots of land. 


You probably know the Cactus as a spiky green plant that grows in the desert. That may be true, but there’s so much more to learn about cacti. The cactus is a type of plant called a succulent. That means that it can store water in its stems, roots, and leaves. Even if it doesn’t rain for a long time, the cactus still has water saved up to help it grow. Thanks to its ability to store water, the cactus can live for over a year without rain! If you are not particular concerned about the most beautiful flowers in the world, but prefer something drought tolerant and hardy, then look no further than cactus.




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